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Another Gamelist, Roms manager, and Scraper for Recalbox, Batocera, Retropie

Welcome to the ARRM software wiki

Writing of the WIKI in progress


For some time, I use Recalbox and Batocera. These frontends, usable on raspberry or pc / linux allow to run emulators of old console, as well as the very good media center Kodi. Wishing to change the descriptions of games roms, add them to favorites or hide them in a simple way and incidentally to scrap some roms on ScreenScraper, MameDb and theGamesDb, I wrote this little utility ARRM (Another Recalbox Roms Manager) for my personal use . Over the versions, many other features have been added, often at the request of users. I make it available if it can be useful to you. All input areas and buttons have their Bubble Info to know their function. This software is also compatible with Recalbox, Batocera, Retropie and EmulationStation.


ARRM does not offer gaming ROMs, nor does it allow them to be downloaded; he uses the Roms you own. Image and informations recovery is done on the following sites: Screenscraper, TheGamesDb and The MameDb

Some features

  • Compatible with Recalbox, Batocera, Retropie and EmulationStation
  • Interface in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Chinese.
  • All buttons have bubble info to guide the user
  • Ability to scrape to the unit or automatically mass of roms on ScreenScraper, MameDb and TheGamesDb.net with recovery of images and information
  • Can retrieve boxart info, screenshot, wheel, image mix, cartridge, video, Screen Title and put them in the gamelist.xml with customizable tag names (useful for custom themes)
  • Retrieve text information in the chosen language.
  • A module Mix'Me makes it possible to choose the images that one wishes (drag & drop possible) and to apply them to the chosen Template (cf WIKI)
  • Default images when no image is found during scrape
  • Upgrading the gamelist.xml based on the roma files on the disk
  • Bookmark, hidden, normal Roma mass.
  • Possible sorting of the gamelist according to 5 levels of criteria.
  • Filter of roms without images
  • Filter of roms without description
  • Filter on genres, or on a string on the file name or title of rom.
  • Ability to force a scrape with an MD5 entered by the user.
  • Modification of various information of a rom
  • Bulk deletion of image files that do not match any rom in the gamelist
  • Backup of gamelist.xml from all systems
  • Saving gamelist.xml modified via the program
  • Moving of roms in a subdirectory of the parent directory while preserving the scraped information (cf WIKI)
  • Moving roms in a root directory of another system while preserving the scraped information (cf WIKI)
  • Can find the good title of a rom via its MD5 via screenscraper
  • Can add the disk number, face or k7 after the name of the game (if present in the file name)
  • Missing list for games not found
  • Export the gamelist to a file in .csv format
  • Ability to use predefined templates (or create them yourself) for mixed images (screenshot + boxart + marquee + cartridge) and customize them via XML configuration files: (cf WIKI )
  • Ability to recover 2D or 3D boxart
  • Application of a template of your choice without rescrape by using the images previously downloaded via ARRM (use of the 4 images recovered via the “extra tags” option of ARRM) (cf WIKI)
  • ARRM automatically retrieves images from other scraps, or created manually if present in the downloaded_images directory: (cf WIKI)
  • Mix Scrape with 10 possible layers (layers)
  • Several templates are available and customizable
  • Ability to move items (the, the, and those of other languages ​​ES / POR / GER / FR) at the end of the name. Examples: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time → Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time or The Bard's Tale → Bard's Tale, The
  • Calculating the hash for Netplay games (cf WIKI)
  • Find the core / emulator for arcade games (uses the BestArcade4Recalbox database)
  • Change Emulators / Core for selected Roma
  • Customization of subfolders with image and description (cf WIKI)
  • Retrieving game manuals
  • Possible recovery of scraps made during a crash
  • Mass MD5 calculation
  • Removal of METADATA en masse
  • Can recover media specifically Japan or US if requested.
  • WIKI available with concrete cases for better handling of the software: http://jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/
  • Recovery of overlays with automatic creation of overlays configuration files for Batocera and Recalbox by automatic recognition of the Viewport zones (zone where the game screen must appear in the overlays) (cf WIKI)
  • Possibility to resize overlays 1080 to 720 automatically with recalculation of viewport areas
  • When scrap (multi or mono system) possibility to associate a template to a system via a configuration file
  • SystemSorter : Sorting module es_systems.cfg file on 6 possible criteria. (cf WIKI)
  • Displays duplicate Roms by game name or file name
  • Possibility of adding the country at the end of the game name.


You can donate via The JujuvinceBros Utip or Streamlabs website (click on one of the links below)

  • Utip
  • Streamlabs

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